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(Fire-Training-Academy.pdf, PDF, 7.91MB)

(Public-Safety-Acadamy.pdf, PDF, 9.66MB)


Graduations And Classes

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(1970-1979-Graduations.pdf, PDF, 3.75MB)

(1970-2011-TFD-Class-Photos.pdf, PDF, 6.92MB)

(1980-1989-Graduations-2nd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 13.6MB)

(1990-1994-Graduations-2nd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 9.31MB)

(1995-1999-Graduations-2nd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 10.95MB)

(2000-2013-Graduations.pdf, PDF, 14.84MB)

(2014-1-Recruit-Class.pdf, PDF, 6.37MB)

(15-1-Graduation.pdf, PDF, 5.19MB)

(15-2-Graduation.pdf, PDF, 6.9MB)

(15-3-Graduation.pdf, PDF, 10.04MB)

(15-T-Graduation.pdf, PDF, 710KB)

(15-4-Graduation.pdf, PDF, 9.24MB)

(16-1-Graduation.pdf, PDF, 7.57MB)

(2017-Recruit-Class.pdf, PDF, 5.52MB)


Graduations And Classes Videos

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TFD Cadet Program [Click to Download]

(Cadet-Program-History.pdf, PDF, 10.02MB)

(Cadet-Program-Lesson-Plans.pdf, PDF, 3.17MB)

(2005-2007-Cadet-Program.pdf, PDF, 4.71MB)

(2008-2009-Cadet-Program.pdf, PDF, 2.94MB)

(2011-Cadet-Program.pdf, PDF, 3.32MB)

(2012-Cadet-Program.pdf, PDF, 8.53MB)

(2013-Cadet-Program.pdf, PDF, 18.67MB)

(2014-Cadet-Program.pdf, PDF, 4.89MB)

(2015-Cadet-Program.pdf, PDF, 8.7MB)

(2016-Cadet-Program.pdf, PDF, 5.5MB)

2005 TFD Cadet Class 2006 TFD Cadet Class 1 2007 TFD Cadet 2008 TFD Cadet Academy 2009 TFD Cadet Class

Training Papers

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(1959-Sprinkler-Systems.pdf, PDF, 7.04MB)

(1974-Chavez-Recruit-Training-SB-1.pdf, PDF, 40.07MB)

(1974-Chavez-Recruit-Training-SB-2.pdf, PDF, 33.73MB)

(2015-Smith-Recruit-Trainin-Manual.pdf, PDF, 29.7MB)

(1978-1985-Training-Bulletins.pdf, PDF, 28.89MB)

(1980-Procedures-TFD-Perf..pdf, PDF, 4.49MB)

(1986-2005-Training-Bull..pdf, PDF, 36.34MB)

(2004-Cobra-445-E.-Speedway.pdf, PDF, 4.95MB)

(2004-Cobra-Hotel-Congress.pdf, PDF, 23.7MB)

(2004-Cobra-Info-Hand-B.pdf, PDF, 2.67MB)

(Roberts-Collection-Training.pdf, PDF, 27.76MB)

(TFD-Old-Training-P.pdf, PDF, 5.16MB)

(2001-Draft-Technical-Report.pdf, PDF, 4.15MB)

(2010-NFPA-1710.pdf, PDF, 507KB)

(Moritz-Basic-Firefighter-Training.pdf, PDF, 167KB)

(Neid-Large-Scale-Emergency.pdf, PDF, 943KB)

(Neid-Work-Improvement-Program.pdf, PDF, 835KB)

(2016-FF-Modules-Field-Training.pdf, PDF, 2.98MB)



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(TFD-Training-History.pdf, PDF, 1.92MB)

Old Firefighting Training video not TFD