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Camp Fury [Click to Download]

(CAMP-FURY-HANDBOOK-102412.pdf, PDF, 898KB)

(Camp-Fury-A-Girls-Fire-Camp.pdf, PDF, 1.12MB)

(Camp-Fury.pdf, PDF, 17.92MB)

(Camp-Fury-Facebook-2009-2014.pdf, PDF, 6.28MB)

(Camp-Fury-Facebook-2017-1.pdf, PDF, 11.79MB)

(Camp-Fury-Facebook-2017-2.pdf, PDF, 10.69MB)

(Camp-Fury-Facebook-2015-2016.pdf, PDF, 7.63MB)

(2018-Camp-Fury-1.pdf, PDF, 9.47MB)

(2018-Camp-Fury-2.pdf, PDF, 6.39MB)

(2019-Camp-Fury.pdf, PDF, 3.75MB)

(2014-Camp-Fury-Overview.pdf, PDF, 4.26MB)

2011 Camp Fury PSA Take The Challenge

Arizona Fireman’s Association [Click to Download]

NOTE– The Arizona State Firemen’s Association was started in 1924 and ran until 1967 when it disbanded and became the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona.

(1920s-1930s-AZ-State-Fire.pdf, PDF, 29.91MB)

(1929-ASFA.pdf, PDF, 31.81MB)

(1936-Fire-Prevention-ASFA.pdf, PDF, 7.68MB)

(1937-1942-ASFA.pdf, PDF, 27.02MB)

(1940s-50s-ASFA.pdf, PDF, 20.89MB)

(1974-ASFA.pdf, PDF, 3.36MB)

(1979-Arizona-Firefighter.pdf, PDF, 6.76MB)

(Fireemens-Relief-Pension-Fund.pdf, PDF, 5.15MB)


Greater Tucson Fire Foundation [Click to Download]

(GTFF-1.pdf, PDF, 13.95MB)

(GTFF-2.pdf, PDF, 15.71MB)

(GTFF-3.pdf, PDF, 14.71MB)

(GTFF-4.pdf, PDF, 18.1MB)

(2010-2012-GTFF-Facebook.pdf, PDF, 23.8MB)

(2013-2014-GTFF-Facebook.pdf, PDF, 22.11MB)

2015 GTFF 2

(2015-Casino-Night.pdf, PDF, 3.38MB)

(TOPCU-Archive-Scrapbook.pdf, PDF, 5.58MB)

2017 How you can support first respondersCutting edge technology helps firefighters with early skin cance – Tucson News Now 

(Patty-Vallance-Tribute-2nd-Ed-1.pdf, PDF, 4.33MB)

 2019 GTFF PSA Aug 2019
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(1977-Fire-Chiefs-Confrence.pdf, PDF, 16.69MB)

(IAFC-Information.pdf, PDF, 21.33MB)


Last Alarm Foundation [Click to Download]

(LAF-1954-Mack.pdf, PDF, 7.03MB)

(LAF-2005-2011.pdf, PDF, 13MB)

(2011-Truck-Blessing.pdf, PDF, 2.01MB)

(LAF-Scrapbook-1.pdf, PDF, 18.17MB)

(LAF-Scrapbook-2.pdf, PDF, 18.48MB)

(LAF-Scrapbook-3.pdf, PDF, 7.05MB)

(LAF-2012-2014.pdf, PDF, 9.49MB)


Local 479 [Click to Download]

(IFF-Local-479.pdf, PDF, 46.29MB)

(1958-1962-TFA.pdf, PDF, 6.7MB)

(1881-1981TFFA-Magazine.pdf, PDF, 9.95MB)

(1982-Safety-Manual.pdf, PDF, 4.63MB)

(Chili-Cook-Off-Recipes.pdf, PDF, 2.52MB)

(PFFAZ-Legislative-History.pdf, PDF, 8.65MB)

(Retired-Firefighters-A-1979-1991.pdf, PDF, 32.14MB)

(Retired-Firefighters-A-1992-1999.pdf, PDF, 13.98MB)

(2010-TFFA-Calendar.pdf, PDF, 5.44MB)

(Story-of-Sttion-2.pdf, PDF, 7.34MB)

Other Organizations  [Click to download]  

Arizona Western Association of Fire Chief’s [Click to Download]

(Western-Fire-Chiefs-Asso.pdf, PDF, 10.66MB)