Support Mental Health For First Responders

MentalHealthBanner The first ever Surgeon General’s report on mental health emphasized that mental disorders are real health conditions and mental health is fundamental to a healthy life. The range and efficacy of mental health treatments is well documented and the Surgeon General recommends that people seek help if they have a mental health problem or think they have symptoms of a mental disorder. 
  The Greater Tucson Fire Foundation and Jewish Family & Children’s Services of Southern Arizona, make it easy for first responders and their families to get the mental health support they need, quickly and efficiently.  Learn more at and on Facebook.
The last thing a firefighter needs to hear once they have determined they need help is, here is a list of providers, see who can get you in in a couple of weeks
-Mike McKendrick, Assistant Cheif (ret) Tucson Fire Department and Founding Chair of the Fire Foundation.
  Greater Tucson First Responders and their immediate families may contact JFCS, (520)795-0300 x2363, and identify as “Fire Service” or “Fire Service Family” to receive prompt, vetted, qualified behavioral health assistance. Financial assistance with initial copays from the Fire Foundation is available through the JFCS relationship.   Contact the Fire Foundation at [email protected] for additional vetted and qualified agencies with a relationship with the Fire Foundation. Vetted agencies are qualified and experienced in dealing with the “unique firefighter lifestyle” as describe by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.
  Trauma, Depression, PTS, Addictions, Anxiety, Anger Management, Family Conflict.