Firefighters & Membership Information [1]

    Any TFD member who wishes to add or remove personal information should contact one of the persons listed on the TFD Archives “Main Page”.   
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(Chiefs-5th-Edition.pdf, PDF, 14.07MB)

Chief Samuel Baird and Chief Thomas A Hallahan
information is in the above Chief’s PDF.

(D.-J.-Boleyn-6th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 24.01MB)

Chief Harry Gutsch, Chief John E. Innes, Chief Jack J.
Blinkhorn, Chief John Hart information is in the above Chief’s PDF.

Chief D. J. Boleyn served a second term information
in his above PDF.

(Reid-William-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 5.57MB)

(George-K.-Smith-4th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 9.39MB)

(Henry-Melluish-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 7.4MB)

(Frank-E.-Russell-4th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 19.43MB)

(G.-P.-Scholefield-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 4.39MB)

(S.-Y.-Barkley3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 8.16MB)

(Conlon-Thomas-4th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 7.95MB)

(Frank-W.-Ganz.-2nd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 3.29MB)

(Harry-J.-Parker-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 8.98MB)

(Joseph-A.-Roberts-5th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 38.25MB)

(Henry-L.-Hilles-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 5.05MB)

(John-C.-Sivert-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 5.08MB)

(John-H.-Freeman-4th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 11.8MB)

(Leonel-F.-Peterson-4th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 8.68MB)

(Richard-M.-Moreno-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 14.55MB)

(Frederick-L.-Shipman-4th-Ed-.pdf, PDF, 5.46MB)

(Newburn-Damiel-E.-5th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 11.52MB)

(E.-Dean-Holland-4th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 8.3MB)

(Patrick-T.-Kelly-2nd-Ed1.pdf, PDF, 5.94MB)

(James-E.-Critchley-8th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 24.17MB)


Chief Officers

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(AC-Laura-M.-Baker-7th-Ed.-1.pdf, PDF, 9.54MB)

 Meet Tucson, Laura Baker 

(AC-Michael-C.-McKendrick-4th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 12.07MB)

(AC-Joseph-J.-Gulotta-7th-Ed..pdf, PDF, 10.72MB)

(AC-Alex-McNeil-5th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 8.63MB)

(AC-W.-H.-Katzenstein-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 6.48MB)

(AC-Dave-Ridings-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 27.53MB)

(AC-James-R.-Russell-3rd-Ed..pdf, PDF, 7.68MB)

(BC-Michael-J.-Hart-2nd-Ed..pdf, PDF, 4.04MB)

(BC-B.-J-Oliver-Auto.pdf, PDF, 22.8MB)

(BC-Edwin-L.-Neville-III3rd-Ed..pdf, PDF, 5.88MB)

Ed Neville Funeral 

(BC-James-E.-Roberts-4th-Ed..pdf, PDF, 13.32MB)

(BC-J.-E.-Roberts-Military.pdf, PDF, 13.83MB)

(Chief-Officers-A-C-8th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 36.44MB)

(Chief-Officers-D-F-7th-Ed..pdf, PDF, 25.27MB)

(Chief-Officers-G-J-5th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 24.67MB)

(Chief-Officers-K-L-4th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 14.7MB)

(Chief-Officers-M-N-6th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 32.09MB)

(Chief-Officers-O-Q-5th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 21.66MB)

(Chief-Officers-R-S-7th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 32.31MB)

(Chief-Officers-T-Z-7th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 19.87MB)

Volunteer Members

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(A-B-Volunteers-3rd-Ed-1.pdf, PDF, 19.2MB)

(C-Volunteers-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 20.71MB)

(D-F-Volunteers-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 21.3MB)

(G-Volunteers-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 14.45MB)

(H-Volunteers-4th-Edition.pdf, PDF, 23.84MB)

(I-K-Volunteers-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 16.52MB)

(L-Volunteers-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 15.76MB)

(M-Volunteers-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 21.42MB)

(N-Q-Volunteers-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 18.56MB)

(R-Volunteers-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 20.96MB)

(S-Volunteers-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 30.02MB)

(T-Z-Volunteers-4th-Ed.pdf, PDF, 21.97MB)

 Life of an American Fireman 1903 not TFD

Volunteer Individuals

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(Camacho-Jesus-M.-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 7.63MB)

(Cooler-George-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 3.27MB)

(Doe-Family-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 7.34MB)

(Drachman-Family-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 20.81MB)

(Jacome-Carlos-2nd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 18.33MB)

(Leatherwood-R.-N.-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 12.01MB)

(Levin-Alexander-2nd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 6.66MB)

(Pacheco-Family.pdf, PDF, 4.73MB)

(Purcell-Judge-S.-W..pdf, PDF, 3.65MB)

(Reilly-John-I..pdf, PDF, 4.53MB)

(Ronstadt-Fred-2nd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 15.97MB)

(Rossi-Alex-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 10.11MB)

(Samaniego-M.-G.-2nd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 10.17MB)

(Scrivner-Family-3rd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 11.01MB)

(Steinfeld-Albrert-2nd-Ed.pdf, PDF, 14.65MB)

(Stevens-Hiram-S..pdf, PDF, 7.24MB)

(Treat-Frank-S..pdf, PDF, 6.71MB)


TVFD Honor Roll

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(1881-1915-Honor-Roll.pdf, PDF, 707KB)

(1881-1899-HR-Rosters.pdf, PDF, 7.39MB)

(1900-1915-HR-Rosters.pdf, PDF, 6.47MB)

(Doc-TVFD-Chief-Officer-HR.pdf, PDF, 7.6MB)

(Doc-TVFD-Honor-Roll.pdf, PDF, 17.92MB)

(TVFD-Roster-1881-1915.pdf, PDF, 810KB)