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Greater Tucson Fire Foundation
300 S. Fire Central Place
Tucson, AZ 85701

Phone: (520) 603-3055
Fax:(520) 791-3231


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Tucson Fire Foundation

Tucson Fire Foundation shared WellAmerica's status update.


Another beautiful AND hot day in Tucson! Here is your Healthy tip for today, Wednesday, July 30, 2014!

We have all heard the warnings on consuming highly caffeinated beverages, and now an abundance of concentrated caffeine powder is being sold easily online with little education to customers! Caffeine powder, which is used for inexpensive homemade caffeinated drinks, is sold in packages containing 100,000 milligrams – the equivalent of 1000 red bulls worth of caffeine! It is incredibly easy to mistakenly use too much - just 1 teaspoon is the same as drinking 35 red bulls - enough to kill you. Up to 400 mg a day is safe for adults. That equals four cups of coffee. Levels above that are associated with negative health outcomes. So, keep very close track of how much caffeine you ingest, and avoid giving caffeine to children.

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Tucson Fire Foundation shared WellAmerica's status update.


Here is your HEALTHY TIP from Ilene for YESTERDAY, Monday, July 28, 2014 :-)
Fight back against inflammation, a cause of heart disease and some cancers. Inflammation is a silent killer - you can feel fine for years until disease strikes. Most fruits, vegetables, omega 3 rich fish, nuts and teas reduce inflammation that can lead to disease. These foods stand out in reducing bio-markers for inflammation and providing heart healthy benefits: berries, cherries, raisins, salmon, basil, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, nuts and green tea. Try a smoothie with seasonal fruits and spinach or kale.

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Tucson Fire Foundation shared Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance's status update.

Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance

A sad number will be posted later tonight on our web page. With 4 FF suicides still to validate, FBHA has documented #500 with 40 in 2014. These are serious numbers, so please my brothers and sisters, watch out for each other. In addition, if you are battling an issue or issues reach out to others….Stay Safe!!

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