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GreaterĀ Tucson Fire Foundation
300 S. Fire Central Place
Tucson, AZ 85701

Phone: (520) 603-3055
Fax:(520) 791-3231


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Tucson Fire Foundation

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Some firefighters think training at the firehouse is dangerous. I think being out of shape on the fire ground is dangerous. Pick your dangerous.

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You or someone you know looking to change up your work out or in one of the many firefighter hiring processes going on? This is the work out for you. A portion of the proceeds benefits the Fire Foundation. Evolve Tactical Fitness CrossFit Purgatory

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Firefighters Beyond Borders

This has been an incredible adventure. The Israeli emergency services are among the best in the world. We have learned so much from them. They are very gracious sharing hosts. The Israeli firefighters are much like US firefighters, but with many more external challenges. Fighting fire along side them

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