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Greater Tucson Fire Foundation
300 S. Fire Central Place
Tucson, AZ 85701

Phone: (520) 603-3055
Fax:(520) 791-3231


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Tucson Fire Foundation

Tucson Fire Foundation shared Fire Fighter Tactical Bootcamp's photo.

Fire Fighter Tactical Bootcamp

This Saturday come out and feel good twice. 1) Great Work Out 2) Monies benefit the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation

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long post, so bear with me? last meeting in tucson with EVP tuesday at 1.00 at Eli's Deli if you are inquiring about the limited financial support that foundation can provide - please reach out to tom tucker at august delegation will focus on ff, medical, ems, emt and command staff, planning march ( or early spring delegation for LEOs , cpb, dhs, to allow for planning deployment opportunities) talk to your chain of command and chiefs for approval and department protocols, needs are for intent, objectives and local outcomes.

" Thanks for the interest here in Arizona regarding the EVP. The next step in this process to be certified volunteers in Israel through the EVP is to go to the website and to the “Become a Volunteer” link. Complete the information and then a representative will be in touch with you. Please refer to the FAQ page for any questions you may have and let me know if your question wasn't answered and I will be happy to address it"

billy can be reached at and 817.683.7681 please contact him directly for questions... the fire foundation has some limited funding available to scholarship qualified delegates - reach out to tucker, keep me looped and make sure your passport is up to date and ready. israel fire and rescue and שמוליק פרידמן endorsed. EVP provides training and state sanctioned and insured participation - and deployment opportunities in the event of natural or man made disasters. but in the meantime, you get to ride a truck and run a whole lotta calls....bring your own bunker gear, turn outs and swag to share..

our local deadline for requests including passport pdfs will be july 7th for august travel. please let me or tucker (520.370.8279 ) know if you have questions, in the meantime, register with evp for further information and lets. do. this. and "share" Bruce Avram Richard Johnson Chris Rogers Kyle Canty Pete Ashcraft Randy Ogden, Jeremy Carrillo, Marcela Donovan HammondOshrat Barel Tucson Shlicha שמוליק פרידמן Eli Barel Buzaglo Les Paul Caid let's get the word out.

EVP - Emergency Volunteers Project

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