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Greater Tucson Fire Foundation
300 S. Fire Central Place
Tucson, AZ 85701

Phone: (520) 603-3055
Fax:(520) 791-3231


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Tucson Fire Foundation

Tucson Fire Foundation shared International Association of Fire Fighters's status update.

International Association of Fire Fighters

LABOR History: At the dawn of the 20th century, fire fighters worked 84 hour weeks and 24 hour shifts, with only a few hours off. Fire fighters lacked the safety equipment they have today and multiple fatalities were common. Like factory workers, fire fighters were still considered unskilled labor. Salaries were low—29 cents an hour—and few cities had pension systems or assistance for widows or dependents. Promotions were based on who had the most political influence. Vacation time was dependent on the shortage of manpower at that station. In 1906, a resolution was submitted to the AFL for fire fighters to be able to organize locals across the country, marking the beginning of the IAFF, a separate union for fire fighters. In 1918, the IAFF was founded.

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On this Labor Day let us say thank you to all our firefighters and remind them to be safe. Firefighters are often exposed to dangers beyond the actual fire that could be life threatening. Most of the time, firefighters are not aware of some of these other dangers such as asbestos exposure, chemical toxins and carbon monoxide poisoning. These are only some of the dangers that put firefighters at risk each and every day. Firefighters develop cancer more frequently than the general population.
2 times greater risk of testicular cancer
1.5 times greater risk for multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkins lymphoma
1.3 times greater risk for skin cancer, malignant melanoma, and brain cancer.
1.2 times greater risk for prostate cancer and colon cancer.
Go to Health and Wellness section for a direct link to Mesothelioma Center a which provides in-depth information on asbestos and its direct link to mesothelioma and other cancers.

Greater Tucson Fire Foundation

Home Click thumbnail to download the flyer. The Greater Tucson Fire Foundation is dedicated to providing Tucson’s fire community with the necessary funding, tools, technology, advanced training, equipment, survivors’ assistance, public education campaigns and human services to help these brave men…

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