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Greater Tucson Fire Foundation Chairman, Mike McKendrick, will be on  Lifestyle Tucson with Stephanie Fries, 8:00 AM this Sunday, April 7, 2013, on FM radio station 96.1 KLPX and 92.1 KFMA to discus the Fire Foundation as well as the upcoming Poker Run for Firefighter Health and Wellness and other Fire Foundation activities such as Born To Wear Blue.

Tucson Fire Foundation’s 2013 Poker Run…Get Involved!

The GreaterTucson Fire Foundation(GTFF) is proud to invite you to get involved with our  2nd Annual Poker Run, which will be held on Saturday, May 18, 2013. This motorcycle ride will travel across the north and east side of Tucson, with stops at various community fire stations that will help raise funds to benefit firefighter health and wellness. We encourage you to get involved!

How? There are several different ways!

You could participate in the Poker Run as a rider. Registration packets are available for download below. Simply print it out, fill out the required forms, and send in the information as instructed on the form. Online registration will also be available soon.

A variety of sponsorship opportunities are also available! Sponsorship of this event  supports community firefighters and provides you and your business inclusion in this unique, community-based event. To learn more, download the sponsorship package below or email inquiries to [email protected].

Prefer to just volunteer your time to help the event run smoothly? Email [email protected] with your contact information!

The most valuable equipment found in the fire station is the firefighter. Despite the advances in safety and personal protection, approximately 100 U.S. firefighters die on the fire ground each year, many from cardiac-related issues. Half of those deaths, however, are preventable with adequate wellness and fitness programs.

In the past year alone, Greater Tucson Fire Foundation efforts have effectively helped save at least five firefighters’ lives within local jurisdictions – all of whom showed symptoms of life threatening, undiagnosed heart disease.

The Foundation’s 2013 Firefighter Health and Wellness Initiatives include:

 Firefighter Cardiac Disease Assessment Protocol

 Reducing firefighter injuries through Peer Fitness Trainer Certification

 Campaigns to combat potentially deadly, antibiotic-resistant infectious bacteria, such as MRSA

 Identifying effective coping mechanisms for sleep deprivation in public-safety jobs

 Providing important mental health and wellness services for firefighters and their families, including those who work for smaller agencies that might not be able to afford access to these services.

We invite you to help the Foundation “take care of those who take care of us.”

If you have questions about this event or our program offerings, please email [email protected]. We appreciate your continued support of our programs!


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(2013SponsorshipPacket.pdf, PDF, 286KB)

Poker Run Registration….Coming Soon!

Due to technical difficulties the Poker Run registration is not live on the website, but we should have forms available on the blog soon and full web registration available too! Stay tuned…..


Thank you for supporting the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation!!


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Do you have your tickets yet?

Less than two weeks until “Dillinger Days” at Hotel Congress! On Friday, Jan. 18, the hotel hosts a private, Prohibition-era Speakeasy – replete with premium whiskey tastings, fine cigars and premium craft beer from Borderlands.

The Speakeasy opens its doors at 7 p.m., with tickets $25 at the door. For a discount, purchase online at All Speakeasy proceeds benefit the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation.

“Dillinger Days” resumes Saturday, Jan 19 – with an afternoon carnival, live music, vintage cars, hotel tours and historic reenactments of the Dillinger capture. It’s fun, family friendly, and free. Hotel Congress is located downtown, at 311 East Congress St., right across from the historic Rialto Theater.

Mark Your Calendars!!!


The Greater Tucson Fire Foundation is excited to announce two events for 2013!

Dillinger Days at Hotel Congress

January 18 & 19, 2013

On January 18,  Hotel Congress will hold their “speakeasy” fundraiser for the ALF Restoration. The ALF is the 1923 American LaFrance fire engine which was part of the Tucson Fire Department fleet from the 1920’s to the 1940’s. It was at the Hotel Congress Fire that pushed the notorious John Dillinger and his gang into the street; an event which ultimately led to their capture by Tucson Police. The ALF will be on display on January 19 at Hotel Congress.


May 18, 2013 Poker Run for Firefighter Health and Wellness
The Second Annual Poker Run is scheduled for May 18, 2013.  This year’s Poker Run will support the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation’s 2013 Firefighter Health and Wellness Strategic Initiatives, specifically working to fund programs in firefighter cardiac disease assessment, sleep deprivation and coping strategies, battling MRSA and other attacking bacteria, firefighter physical fitness and injury prevention, and firefighter and family mental health and wellness. Information will be available on and in the coming months.


Please mark your calendars for these events which support the firefighters who protect our community.

From all the trustees of the Fire Foundation have a safe and happy holiday season.

Greater Tucson Fire Foundation Focuses On Health Initiatives

In its 2013 Strategic Plan Initiatives, the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation has placed an emphasis on the health of firefighters. Some of these initiatives include supporting cardiovascular and sleep-deprivation studies, offering mental, emotional and psychological health resources, and generating funding for Peer Fitness Trainers (PFT) to prevent on-the-job injuries.

Recently, strides were made on the Cardiovascular Initiative, as reported by the Arizona Daily Wildcat:

Dr. Wayne Peate, an associate professor at the College of Public Health, proposed that the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation look at funding a study where at-risk firefighters receive an ultrasound to look for.

“The study that Dr. Peate did through the UA College of Public Health demonstrated the efficacy of the ultrasound to the point where now we want to do it with the firefighters,” said Mike McKendrick, chairman of the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation. “The added hope is that this will become the national standard.”

The study, which ended in 2011, found that the ultrasound machine is more effective than the heart CT scan in detecting blockages in the arteries, and that with the ultrasound there is no radiation, Peate said.

How has the Greater Tucson Firefighting Community benefitted from this study? UA News goes on to report:

As a result of the study, the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation decided to provide funding for an ultrasound machine in the firefighter’s clinic in Tucson. The machine will be placed
in the clinic by December, in hopes that it will benefit firefighters.

“What the foundation looks at is if we have just one save, it’s worthwhile,” McKendrick said. “The save could be really saving a firefighter’s life, or even letting a firefighter know that he or she has potential for that cardiac disease so they can go to their primary care physician and be treated.”

 The study showed there was a cheaper, more accurate and less dangerous way of detecting abnormalities than with other types of technology, Peate said. Early intervention can help firefighters to stay healthy in their careers, he added.

“If we can get it ahead of time, let the firefighter know there’s a problem, then we can treat it,” McKendrick said. “There’s really not a lot more traumatic than a firefighter having a heart attack at work. You have to save the person there to do the saving, and that’s very traumatic.”

Brittny Mejia I Arizona Daily Wildcat

For the full article, go to:
firefighters-clinic-ua-study-111912. For more information on the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation and its initiatives: