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 2015 Annual Poker Run! Event Date is May 16th. Register Today! 


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Contact the Fire Foundation to assist with downsizing or liquidating items in your estate with the value potentially tax deductible and proceeds going to help support the Foundation’s Firefighter Health & Wellness initiatives. contact the Foundation at tucsonfirefoundation@gmail.com


The Greater Tucson Fire Foundation is dedicated to providing Tucson’s fire community with the necessary funding, tools, technology, advanced training, equipment, survivors’ assistance, public education campaigns and human services to help these brave men and women best serve and protect the citizens of the Tucson area. Read More >

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Tucson Fire Foundation

See the 1923 American LaFrance rolling into the JCC
on the Fire Foundation Archive page at www.tucsonfirefoundation.org. 1923 TFD-American LaFrance is on the archive site under Apparatus, under TFD Apparatus Information 7th one down.

Also are more Day Books, 2015 Fire Radio Transmissions, and the start of Fred Bair's Sr. slides. have 1960, 1970. 1 and 2 up now. They are under Scrapbooks, under Captain Fred Bair Throwback Thursdays & More.

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The ALF roles in to the J.

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Fun on the ALF at the J for the Israel Festival.

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Greater Tucson Fire Foundation
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